Salad Days, Gurgaon & Malviya Nagar

Salad days offers a wide variety of fresh & healthy salads and cold pressed juices. My experience with salad days turned out to be really well. I ordered few salads and juices from there menu. Before I review. They offer only the door step delivery service, serving amazing salads and juices right where you want in no time – serving at Delhi/ncr.

👑Chicken pasta salad: this salad turned out to be my fav of them all, they served wheat pasta mixed with assortments of corn, bell peppers, olives accompanied well with dressings and whole wheat bread which went perfectly well with the pasta salad.

Greek salad: If you are looking for some exotic fresh veggies to treat you well both in your tummy and as an health benefit, this particular salad will solve your purpose. This salad comes with fresh lettuce, bell peppers, olives, cucumbers topped with feta cheese. This is accompanies with crispy pita breads and red wine vinegarate and whole wheat bread.

Roasted chicken salad: toasted light grilled chicken pieces served with colorful bell peppers, lettuce, olives served with tandoori sauce dressing and whole wheat breads, solves the purpose of an healthy salad.

👑Cold pressed juices: the best part of ordering from salad days were there lauched cold pressed juices. Every bottle of juice serves the purpose of few strong benefits which makes one grab them!
~ Red: solves the purpose of immunity, better eyesight.
~ black: comes with coconut Chuck’s, frsh Coco taste solves the purpose of stress buster, weight loss
~ yellow: this one is my favorite amongst all, the tangy taste helps in strong teeth and gums, fights acne, immune booster.
These juices are 100% natural, pure and healthy.


Comes in great packing!

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