Getafix, Gk1

Getafix is a new bee located at GK1 M block market. The cafe is a cozy little colorful block with peppy colors and vibrant ambiance. To add to the excitement, the cafe is specific to the health freeks out there.

This cafe serves you healthy smoothies, juices and healthy variety of food and desserts with low fat cheese and no sugar. If you want to hog on ‘only’ healthy food, this is a place for you.

After grabbing a cozy space in the cafe, We ordered a smoothie – green goddess: please note, this smoothie is not a yogurt based smoothie so it will be prepared using fruits. This was not thick than the actual smoothies are. The server quickly replaced with – the odd one out: this is prepared in yogurt and was comparatively thicker and better than the previous one, you can taste the blueberry in the smoothie.

We were famished after our marathon, so we placed our order with Masala omelette and Chicken Shawarna

Masala omelette: The omelette was well prepared with 3 white eggs enriched with bell peppers and tomatoes. This was served with brown bread and hash brown, since the restaurant is all about guilt free indulgence the hash browns were air fried. The winner of the meal!

Chicken Sharwana: prepared in yogurt dressing and marinated chicken wrapped in homemade pita wrap. It was little bland but then all things healthy cannot be spicy!

As they say : ‘There is always a room for desserts’ and when desserts are sugar free, there is some extra space for sure!

Lime pie: thick chocolate base topped with lemon tart. The taste of lime and the richness of sugar free chocolate infused in one!

Sugar free Brownie: Sugar free chocolate brownie topped with a little chocolate sauce.

– Decor stands out in the market
– Service can be quick
– Say ‘hello’ to ‘Guilt free indulgence’
– Opens at 8am in the morning
– Treats you with free wi-fi

Will be visiting again for early breakfast!! šŸ™‚ Cheers!!

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