Frugurpops, Sector29

Frozen fruits in a popsicle! Yes, you have heard it right. I always wanted to try Frugurpops, to experience the frozen fruits coming in the form of ice cream. It is one healthy ice cream, you can ever have.

A pink color van available at the sector 29, leisure valley road is a sure thing to try! I fell in love with the concept and the van was attractive, colorful, pink , bubbly which will make you step there and enjoy the treats.



Let me take to you the treats I savoured.

šŸ‘‘ Fruiticlious Popsicle: It was a visual treat and a delight to eat. The colorful fruits were a mix of kiwi, strawberry, grapes and orange. I can feel the flavor of real fruits and eat them as well. I had two of them, because it was healthy and tasty. Must try!

šŸ‘‘ Banana Nutella Waffle: If you are a Nutella fan, this flavor will never disappoint you. The taste of Nutella on a frozen stick. What better way to enjoy Nutella. Sheer Indulgence! Another win!

The range comes in the budget of 100-150, and they are value for money.

And, when you think of ice cream age is not a number. I saw two elderly ladies stepping in, and asking for my recommendation. I just have one word, go try.

I want to try every other flavor. I am coming here, again!

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