Carls Jr, Saket

California based Burger chain, Carls jr. A perfect place to satiate hunger pangs after some shopping, located adjacent to the back entrance of select citywalk mall.

The ambiance is a perfect place for casual dining with couch and chair arrangements. The interiors are done in white and red hues. This outlet is very spacious.

Coming to the burgers:
šŸ‘‘JalapeƱo burger: The first burger I tried was the jalapeƱo chicken burger. The special blend of salsa, jalapeƱos, peppers gives this burger a very distinct taste. The best part about this burger, it was chargrilled and not fried (healthy burgers). It was great having a chicken patty instead of fillets. This burger has won all the Brownie points.

Chicken Tikka burger: Chargrilled chicken tikka burger is a treat for non vegetarians, but then I expected this to be a little spicy, as claimed by the person who was taking my order. The chicken tikka was not that tender. Moreover, the bun used for this burger was honey bun, which cannot make this burger spicy.

šŸ‘‘Aloo achari: This burger was another steal of the show, the stuffing inside was done with letuce, bell peppers, tomatoes and light crispy fried aloo patty. It was hot and crispy till the last bite. A perfect treat for vegetarians.

For the sides we opted for, hand breeded onion fries, which was a perfect combination with the burgers. The onion rings were lightly fried, giving a proper crunch of the coating and the taste of onions.

They also serve you with an option of refillable beverage, if you are a fan of
aerated drinks, this is the place for you. You can refill your beverage as per your need and enjoy the burgers.

I call this a major win for the city.

Rating: 4/5

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