Pipeline Cafe

I am out for the lookout of new cafés and bistros. Coming to cafés, Satyaniketan is occupied with quirky, lively ambiance at a pocket friendly rates. The area captures mostly the college crowd and hence, the pocket friendly budget.


Talking about food, they make sure the price list does not affect the quality of food. So, boy! You get good food at reasonable prices!

Let me tell you what all I hogged on:

👑 Virgin Sangria: I love Sangria, yes, opting for Virgin Sangria is a delight at places where you cannot find wine/alcohol.


👑Italian Smooch: My friend ordered this drink, it was perfect to. Eat the heat of summer. Delight!


👑Ginger Lemonade: Another one, which I call, refreshing drink to beat the heat. Fresh lemonade with the hint of ginger. Must try!


👑Chocolate Brownie Shake: I repeated my order twice. The best shake I have had so far. The texture was creamy, the Brownie particles melted in my mouth on every sip. Must try!


I tried the starters here at Pipeline.

~Chicken Dimsums: I am a big fan of dimsums, one bite and I can tell you if they are good or not. Though the outer texture was soft but the chicken was not succulent enough to relish it. Can be skipped.


👑Drums of Heaven: If you can tolerate the spiciness of this chicken lollipop, you sure have found your thing. For me, it was on the spicy side, the chicken was well cooked and the mixture it was topped with was just right. One bite and you will need Brownie Shake. My suggestion, tell the server to make it less spicy.


👑Vegetable Cigars: Crispy spring rolls stuffed with vegetables, a treat for vegetarians as a starter. Accompanied well with mayonnaise.


~Fish Fingers: I didn’t get a chance to try them, but my friends suggested it was soft but oily. Cam be skipped.


I am surely coming here for the main course and desserts now. And, yes for the Brownie Shake!


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