Dishoom Café

I love exploring new Cafés around, and Satyaniketan is one place which will never hit you in your pocket. Your wallet will be smiling after enjoying a grand 3 course meal.


The ambiance is based on the industrial setup, hence the parts of scooter inside. Bike hanging in the balcony. The ambiance lights up to the quirky side! A perfect place for the college crowd. They also serve sheesha in four-five flavours.

Starting with the drinks and food, we hogged like anything here!

~Brownie shake: off lately, I have developed a liking for shakes. This shake was creamy, topped with Brownie. So, you get to eat the Brownie and drink the shake.


~Kitkat shake: eat the chocolate and drink the shake. I prefer the Brownie Shake over the KitKat shake.


~Passion fruit: If you are looking for something refreshing to eat the summer heat, this drink will never disappoint. Passion fruits was mire like virgin mojito, less ice.


~Mango cooler. The mango like taste in form of water, was how thia drink tasted like. presented with mango slice on top. Can be skipped.


Food: we started with loads of starters and then the main course followed by the dessert.

~Baked nachos: If you are planning for Satyaniketan, any café I should say, baked nachos will never go wrong. The right amount of cheese and crispness. You gotta try this!


~Chilli chicken: it is one of my fav, as I say, when in doubt order chilly chicken. Chilly chicken never goes wrong most of the times. And, I was right. The taste of chicken was perfectly fine, crunch from outside and tender chicken from the first bite itself. It was marinated well with bellpeppers, onions.


~Makhmali chicken satay: The chicken was tender but it was overdone with lot of mayonnaise which overshadowed the taste of chicken. Can be skipped.


~Bird Eye Chilli Mushroom: I am not a fan of mushroom, but this was a delight in itself. If I can live mushrooms, imagine what a mushroom lover feel like. Must try for vegetarians.


~Kasaundi Chilly Fish: Another must try for sea food fanatic, the fish was juicy, light fried accompanied with bellpeppers, onion, tomatoes mixture.


~Butter Chicken pasta: what’s the new buzz about butter chicken, it’s pasta. Earlier it was Maggie but now the trend has moved up to pasta. And not everyone can prepare that. Though, I will suggest the chicken pieces to be lil more soft but the sauce and the past went really well as a butter chicken pasta.



~Agli Olio Pasta: I am a spaghetti lover, too. One bite and I wolfed down the whole bowl. Prepared using the Indian style, but something you must have here.


~Kadai paneer pizza: desi pizza or Italian pizza with a twist, I call it both. The pizza was topped with oodles of cheese and the cottage cheese was just so right there. A must try for vegetarians.


~Mezican Chicken Nachos pizza: Nachos can be done in so many ways, baked nachos was alrey wining and then it was pizza topped with crunchy peieces of nachos and loaded veggies and chicken.


~Dal Makhani served with Malabar paranthas: I usually skip paranthas and taste the dal, but the paranthas were really soft and tender, tstae best with dal which was prepared the way it should be.



~Butter chicken with Malabar paranthas: The chicken pieces were soft and juicy and the gravy done was just right, not that sweet and not that tangy. A perfect balance.


~Paneer Lababdaar: another treat for vegetarians, the paneer gravy was done well with spices and thickness. Goes well with Malabar paranthas.


~Fish and chips:Fish was tender, and the crispy covering was crunchy. French fries cold have been more crispy. Can be skipped.



~Veggie Paprika served with rice: this dish was a mixture of veggies; broccoli, bell peppers, olives in a gravy topped with rice. Somebody who wants to eat light and healthy can opt for this dish.


I don’t end my culinary excursion leaving ice cream behind,no matter how full I am, if there is ice cream, I have a fuller space.

~choco chip cookie topped with chocolate sauce: The name says it all, vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup. The choco chip cookie was little hard to relish with ice cream, but can be enjoyed as a cookie later.


Worth all the calories, I am surely coming here again for Malabar paranthas and spaghetti for sure, besides other things.

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