Peninsular Kitchen

To appreciate the breadth and scope of coastal cuisine, I was here for the luncheon at the bloggers table. I recommend going there with friends and family. The place is setup at the 3rd floor of Ambience mall. The restaurant is beautifully designed with artistic interiors decorated with modern lighting. The tables were laid out well with a good space for dining.

Siting back with a flute of coconut mojito, at a table where food is relished. I moved to the starters and started the culinary excursion.

đź‘‘Tossed mini idli: I prefer the South Indian food for light and healthy munching option. This dish provided the perfect balance of taste and health. The idlies were sauted, served with gun powder and was perfect start for the lunch.

đź‘‘khatti machli: Hyderabadi style, marinated in tamarind, yogurt gave the fish a perfect tangy flavour. The fish was soft and perfectly marinated.

đź‘‘Ghongura chicken fry: This dish emerged as a clear winner. The chicken was fresh, succulent and flavoursome. The freshness and the quality of the Ghongura chicken was the perfect order and I just knee I was going to be back for more! I can still salivate the flavor. We repeated several orders for this particular dish. Round of applaud!

Maddur vadai: Then comes the vadai, which was filled with nuts. The dish was baked and served with the south indian chutneys. For me, this dish was slightly hard to chew. I like my vada soft and spongy.

đź‘‘Butter garlic mushrooms: I am not a mushroom fan, but this dish made me one that day. The aroma and the amount of garlic used simply enhanced the taste. A must try dish for vegetarians.

Sipping the bira, khaatalicous cocoktail and relishing the conversation of food, time flew by and soon the server brought us the main course.

Kerela fish curry: the fish was soft, blended well in the right spices. The gravy was light, good enough to be accompanied with steamed rice.

đź‘‘Beans Poriyal: finely chopped French beans, midly spiced, garnished with fresh coconut and mustard seeds gave a run for healthy eating. I am fond of salads presented in a different way. I sponed this preparation, and appreciated the healthy blend of South Indian salad. Must try!

đź‘‘Chicken Chettinad: This was well accompanied with malabar parantha. The malabar paranthas was a blend of flour, egg and milk, makes the paranthas chewabale and soft. The dish was on the other hand spicy and the chicken was a blend blend of all the spices.

đź‘‘Vegetable korma: the gravy and the boiled veggies gave a perfect treat for the vegetarians. Assorted veggies in the thick gravy can be well accompanied with malabar paranthas, steamed rice and need dosa.

I ended the culinary tour with pineapple halwa and Arwana payasam. The winner for me was the pineapple halwa, I like pineapple in any which way. The halwa was not too sweet to eat and was balanced well with the Chuck’s of pineapple and nuts.

This calls for a perfect place to stop for a meal when you are on a brunch, lunch with family or on a shopping therapy.

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