Jamie’s Pizzeria

So, we have all heard about Jamie’s, right?!
I am talking about Jamie Oliver, the very own Mr Oliver, who gives you one shop stop for all his delicious and healthy recipes, we have the biggest collection of Jamie’s Oliver recipes in his books and what not, today, we have Mr Oliver’s restaurants in Delhi!

Here is the review on Jamie’s Italiano: New menu launch party hosted by the marketing manager: Alexander at Ambience mall, Guragon.

The decor is done with wooden flooring’s, open kitchen which was lit with candles on each table. There was graffiti done with crayons on the wall which describes the highlights of Delhi & London.
P.S: please don’t try and rub them, it is done by crayons!

We were then introduced to Alexander Troughton, who is the manager there. He introduced us with the goodness of the fresh products used and the speciality of pizza, the fresh dough and how they prepare it. He was packed with all the energy and he kept the orders quick. And yes a very welcoming response to the feedback.

I started my food excursion with a fresh orange juice, which was refreshing, chilled, I needed a glass to enhance my taste buds. They will also come up with Wine, in few weeks m

Food & Drinks: We tasted and hooged on everything we were served with 🙂 that’s the benefit of exploring new restaurants!!

Garlic bread sticks: I started my food excursion with garlic bread sticks, the breads were fresh enriched with garlic bites which gave a nice aroma and a strong taste of garlic. You know you are eating garlic bread! This was accompanied with a dip, I can still salivate the dip. One of my favorite I have had so far. The dip was prepared with black olives and sundries tomatoes.


Oyster mushroom: The best mushroom I have had so far, I am not good with mushrooms bit after having this I can certainly say oyster mushroom is one family of mushroom I can relish! They were soft, juicy and crunchy light fired served with secret chilly sauce.


Honey chilly chicken: The chicken wings were high on sweet which dropped the essence of chicken. It can be done a little extra on chilly.


Chicken caesar salad: healthy yet full on taste, prepared with salad leaves and chicken topped with bread cubes.


Jamie’s super green pizza: As they are one specialist in pizza, they make fresh dough prepared with fresh cheese and tomato paste. The pizza was then topped with fresh broccoli, sundries tomatoes and parsley. Every bite was fresh in the super thin crust pizza.


Chicken pizza: On the fresh dough, topped with chicken pieces, fresh basil leaves topped with buffalo cheese spray. Must try!


Chilly freak pizza: okay, before saying anything the tittle says it all, freaking chilly! I managed to have one slice. I can afford the chilly. So, if u can manage to have chilly then this is one new thing on the menu.


Meat balls: fresh lamb balls dipped in red sauce.


Chicken puttanesca: grilled chicken piece topped with shredded tomatoes and served with garlic bread. The bread was a perfect go with the shredded tomatoes and the chicken was succulent tender flavourful delight. Must try!


Zucchini wrapped in mushroom: the zucchini dish was wrapped in mushroom and dipped inside the red sauce of tomatoes. Can be skipped!


A must visit for pizza lovers!!

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