Nom Nom, Ashoka Hotel

Nom Nom, as the name suggests brings with it the warm, pleasure of a good meal, enjoyed in great company, at the most stylish place in town. Nom Nom’s menu has been carefully researched to pick up the Yue, Chuan, Hui, Lu, Min, Su, Xiang and Zhe style of cooking from among its 23 provinces. The place has won my heart over the delicious Chinese food, incredible service and a sophisticated ambiance with rich decor.

I am thankful to Zomato for pampering me with the voucher and giving me the chance to enjoy authentic Chinese food. Taking the first step inside Nom Nom to biding the place, it was one good experience both with the food and the service.

Food: The menu was huge and the choice were umpteen. It was so confusing to choose what to order. Thanks to the server, h helped us decide what to opt for and what flavours will suit best as per the taste.

We opted for bird chilly prawns. The prawns were light, crispy filled with the spicy flavours of the sauce tossed with bell peppers. I can still salivate the flavour.

Chicken in Asian basil guandong sauce
The chicken gravy was kept thick and the chicken chucks were succulent juicy chicken pieces tossed in the Asian basil sauce. The taste was bringing out the best flavour of tender chicken pieces well cooked in the gravy. This maincourse was good to go with noodles/fried rice.

Cordiander garlic noodles:
Next on list to accompany chicken in Asian basil sauce was the noodles. The noodles were so fine giving the perefct tatse and aroma of freshly cooked garlic in it. the noodles was a complete package in itself. the best noodles i have had so far. 10/10 on that!

All in all! The whole experience was undoubtedly a great deal! Cheers!!

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