Crusty Gourmet Pizzaasss!!

Location: South City 2 Gurgaon

Joint: Crust Gourmet Pizza

Rating: 4.5/5

After hearing good reviews about Crusty, I am writing one 🙂

It is a small joint place, made with colorful turquoise blue furniture and an open kitchen area to the end.

With hunger striking in, we entered crusty with hungry bellies and to our variety, we started the Italian treat with Vegetarian Pesto Pasta, Garlic bread. We opted for mix-pink sauce pasta and it was really tasty, the sauce was thick and the quantity was perfect as per the rate list. Garlic bread was a good round base squared into pieces, similar to a personal margarita thin crust pizza. To our drinks, we added hazelnut shake and swiss chocolate shake. Believe me, you cannot miss a sip of it These shakes are ice cream based thick shakes topped with crushed chocolate cubes and flavored whipped cream- Flavorful and delicious. Complementing the service and the food, we went on to order 9″ Pizza, Rome style. The pizza was thin crust topped with mayonnaise, they have there trade for every pizza topped with mayo. The crust was well baked and the topping was fuller to add the taste for the pizza.

Overall, it was great dining in at Crusty.

Digest the pictures 😉 and make a visit!

Komal Chawla's review for Crusty Gourmet Pizzas & More, South City 2, Gurgaon on Zomato - Google Chrome

The Pizza!
The Pizza!
We all love Pasta...
We all love Pasta…
I am sure you cannot take one sip!
I am sure you cannot take one sip!

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