Elf Cafe!

It was my birthday and i decided to treat my friends at Elf cafe. It turned out to be a disappointing experience on this day.

Located at the start of HKV with a cute little signboard that will attract you. As you climb up the stairs, it will seems a construction place to you and a bit shabby. The place is lit with golden lights and the sofa seats are making the mark with the name “elf”, certainly for elf’s and not humans. The place is divided into 3 sections: a U- shapped section behind the bar at the center, an upper section and one smoking area outside. The wall is structured with comic art, the ambiance is different having bulbs tucked inside the bath buckets and chandelier made of spoons. I wonder if they really want to be so much unique, they should try to keep the spoons cleans and not full of dust hanging around over the top; the buckets were rusted and seemed wore out bath buckets from some village.

As i decided a place to sit and waiting for the other friends to arrive, me and my friend ordered virgin mojito and cosmopolitan to fill the wait. As we started off sipping some, the electricity clashed and we changed the place to the outside area for some air in this humid season. The staff ensured that the electricity will come soon , as there is power cut in the whole HKV area. But, my friend arrived at the time with a blank look on her face “no electricity”. The staff repeated the same reason to cover up but she landed at the wrong place in HKV (elma) and there was electricity there. As we decided to leave the place, the electricity was there. So, we shifted the place again inside on the same U-Shapped area and ordered few starters as we were al famished. By the time another friend popped up with a blank look, i taught there is no restaurant here! He grabbed a sex on the beach drink in this weather and surprisingly the AC was not working properly, So, again we shifted the area to the high chairs in front of the bar.

Ignoring everything on a happy day, i was presented a cake and i was drawn towards it and so started the celebration. Starting off with Paneer tikka: soft pieces but bland, Dahi-Kebab: A different fried cones filled with cottage cheese (if you going by the name, don’t try this). Then we ordered Pepper chicken: Not cooked well and tasted a liitle raw, Spring rolls: Crisp and thin and probably the only starter i liked.

Then we ordered Penne Pasta arabiatta: which was not boiled properly and the garlic tasted bit sweet, Thin crust margarita pizza: the crust was brunt and i was able to taste the burnt crust, Chicken Quesedila: full of cheese and heavy for me but only surviving entree, Spaghetti white sauce: Not everyone can cook spaghetti well and this was not cooked with perfection and also the garlic bread presented with it was hard.

To uplift my mood on my day, we ordered flavored shots namely green apple and kiwi. The shots was wroth the try!

Next to end the excursion, we opted for brownie with ice cream to end it on a sweet note and the dessert earned some brownie points.

In all this experience with Elf, the major factor here hidden is the service and the staff. The staff was full of arrogance and the service was pathetic. The server took minutes to come to you even after knowing you called him. If you take some time deciding what to order, he will give you a look saying “i won’t serve you expression”. There were no forks on some table and despite asking the server, they were least interested. No water was asked or served on  the plate. Is it the food that they are proud of or the place?! because none was close to good! There are many restaurants in competition in the same line, and if this kind of service we get nobody will stand it. On this experience i was left wondering, am i paying the bill here because the staff was treating me as if i am on a free treat here from Elf!!!



Ambiance: 1/5

Food: 1.5/5

Service: 0/5

Value for money: 1/5


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