U scream, I scream for Ice Cream!!

This new outlet is opened in Cyber Hub 10 days ago and was on my mind since then. I am not a chocolate person and i enjoy Ice-creams more so ‘I scream, U scream for Ice-Creams’!

The person who owned this is running the concept which is new in India and the only outlet presenting Fresh Ice Creams from nitrogen Liquids. They have 3 Nitrogen liquids presented in this outlet making real fresh ice creams live as per order. We ordered 3 Ice creams for 3 people, or rather i should say flavors because after choosing the flavors they make ice creams out of it. We opted for Belgium Chocolate, Banana and Banarasi pan, all in waffle chocolate cone. Banarasi pan was my flavour which includes supari’s in it, the flavour was strong and the ice cream turned out to light and creamy with the right amount of supari’s in it but for me i would certaintly prefer the paan kulfi at Kings then the Banarai pan ice cream over here because it lacked the colour and the ingredients of a real paan. Apart from this banari paan in a waffle cone turned out to be a bad choice. Second flavour my friend choose was Banana which had real taste of banana, if banana is your fruit, you should try this. Third in line was Belgium Chocolate which turned out to be the best with the perfect flavour and taste and the right mixtures of chips and nuts mixed in it, along with the waffle chocolate cone it was an add on.

The quantity served was too much for 1 person, you can actually skip your lunch as it is really filing. The Price is EXPENSIVE! We paid ₹620 for 3 ice creams, quite high on price. The staff is polite and they explain you well with the flavors and the nitrogen liquid. Only outdoor seating is available in bright turquoise color seats, where you can enjoy your creams. Good for one time trial!!Overall 3.5/5

Look of Belgium Chocolate!

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